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Make every second of your Neurologist appointment count! With longer wait times and shorter visits, being prepared is essential. Read on for tips on how to get the most out of your next neurologist appointment.

By being proactive and well-prepared, you can maximise the benefit from each visit and play an active role in your treatment journey.

Now with the help of technology, there’s an easy and reliable way to track your disease and maximise the potential of your visit. You can learn more about the Parky app at the end of the post.

Below is a helpful checklist for making the most of your visit.

Know What You Want To Tell the Neurologist

Jot down your concerns and questions on notecards before meeting with your neurologist. Don’t hesitate to tell about any changes in symptoms, even if they’re unrelated to movement. However, avoid saying “everything is good” when it’s not, as it won’t help you or your doctor.

Bring a Friend or Family Member

Having a companion at the visit can help you remember important details and provide additional insights into your symptoms and daily challenges. Two sets of eyes and ears can pick up much more than one.

Share your symptom diary

Keeping a symptom diary before your neurologist appointment can significantly help evaluate your condition, especially if you have Parkinson’s disease. Dr Mauskop, the director of the New York Headache Center, advises his patients to complete an online symptom diary before their appointment. “The record provides me with a fuller picture of the problem at a glance and allows me to concentrate on management with the patient, rather than spending the time documenting that history when the patient is in front of me,” Dr Mauskop advises.

Bring your medications

Keeping track of medications for conditions like Parkinson’s can be challenging. Make sure to give your doctor a list of all your prescription and over-the-counter medications. Let them know what you’re taking, not just what’s been prescribed. 

Get a recap

To avoid confusion and ensure you understand your doctor’s instructions, ask for a recap of your appointment before leaving. Next, understand your treatment plan, especially medication changes. Next, learn the new medication’s purpose, dosage, and potential side effects. Finally, plan your next visit around your medication time.

Following your visit

To optimise the benefits of your visit with your neurologist, it’s crucial to adhere to their recommendations, including following prescribed medication and scheduling and attending future appointments as directed. Scheduling your stop just before your regular medication time may be beneficial, as your neurologist can observe you when you are closest to your OFF phase, and any issues will be more evident.

A New Way of Tracking Your Disease

Neurologists need real-time objective information on symptoms, severity, medication response, and duration. This information is essential for personalising treatment plans and adjusting medication for better outcomes. Therefore, monitoring data is preferred over subjective patient diaries or family reports.

Now with the help of technology, there’s an easy and reliable way to create your symptom diary. Parky is an FDA-approved and doctor-prescribed digital health tool for Parkinson’s management. It’s a reliable alternative to traditional symptom diaries and allows easy data sharing between patients and medical professionals. You can get more information about this app at parkynow.com