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“I didn’t want the world to think I just faded away. I have Parkinson’s.” -Valerie Perrine.

Actress Valerie Perrine opens up to the world about her journey after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in a new documentary with Passion River Films. It is inspiring to witness her fight against Parkinson’s. 

In the glittering world of Hollywood, where stars shine bright, few stories embody resilience like that of Valerie Perrine. The documentary, ‘Valerie,’ provides an intimate look into her life – from the heights of success to facing the challenges of Parkinson’s disease.

The trailer opens with a powerful statement – “There’s only one Valerie.” It introduces her as an Academy Award nominee and Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actress, capturing the essence of her magnetic personality.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn, revealing Valerie’s journey from Hollywood stardom to battling Parkinson’s. The once-celebrated star grapples with an undiagnosed ailment, affecting daily tasks like walking and talking.

Doctors struggle to diagnose Valerie, leaving her in limbo. The trailer portrays the impact of Parkinson’s on her daily life, showcasing the monumental challenges it poses.

A Journey of Strength:

Despite hardships, ‘Valerie’ highlights Perrine’s determination to face each day with resilience. It hints at the emotional toll of Parkinson’s, depicting a woman refusing to let the disease define her.

In a poignant moment, Valerie bravely admits, “I have Parkinson’s,” capturing the raw emotions of this admission and shedding light on the difficulty of accepting a life-altering diagnosis.

‘Valerie’ promises a powerful documentary, going beyond Hollywood glamour to reveal a woman who faced triumphs and tribulations with unwavering grace. Valerie Perrine’s story is about resilience, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. As we await this compelling documentary, we anticipate a journey that will inspire and celebrate the enduring strength of Valerie Perrine.
You can check out the trailer from 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWD0wyufHhI
And you can set a screening of the full version from 👉 https://kinema.com/films/valerie-gpdwqn