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Today is World Parkinson’s Day.

As of today, 4Parkinson’s Community will be sharing insights from People with Parkinson’s, caregivers, healthcare providers from all over the world. Everybody’s journey with Parkinson’s is unique. Sharing experiences is the key to better understand what it means to live with Parkinson’s Disease.

This is Bob De Wit’s Journey!

What should society/your loved ones/your caregivers/your friends do to make life easier for a PWP (person with Parkinson’s)?

It would be great if more people understood that for people with Parkinson’s symptoms fluctuate hour-to-hour and day-to-day. Also that every person with Parkinson’s has their unique case of the condition and no two people with Parkinson’s are Living with the same disease.

What would be your first suggestion to a newly diagnosed PD patient?

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. It’s super important to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease to exercise regularly and as intensely as possible, ideally at a heart rate of 80% of maximum for ideal results. Also, make sure you reach out and keep connected to friends and family and retain a sense of purpose.

Have you ever felt like you cannot express yourself enough to your doctors, caregivers, or loved ones?

Doctors like data. Tracking symptoms as they relate to medicine, exercise, diet, and stress can help a neurologist and the patient themselves to better manage their condition.

Each PwP’s journey is unique and requires creative solutions to cope with daily routines. Would you like to share a creative solution that can help other PwP?

One of the symptoms I get as part of having PD is dystonia; a painful cramping in my foot. One of the methods I discovered to alleviate the pain and shorten its duration is using a rubber physiotherapist exercise band to help straighten my toes and stretch my foot and leg while cramping. I’ve found that it seems to shorten the duration of the cramping.