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a documentary on young onset parkinsons disease the only day we have on parky blog

Parkinson’s disease affects millions worldwide, and young onset Parkinson’s is an often-overlooked form of this condition. “The Only Day We Have” is a heartfelt documentary created by Allan Cole and Vanessa Reiser that sheds light on this less-known aspect of the disease.

The film is set to be released in 2024 on PBS Austin. What sets this documentary apart is its honest portrayal of the unique challenges faced by those diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s.

The Only Day We Have: A Documentary on Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease

Personal Stories from the Trailer:

As a Parkinson’s documentary, ‘The Only Day We Have’ offers a glimpse into the strength of individuals facing the condition at a young age. This preview captures their emotional journeys, challenges, and triumphs. It sheds light on this lesser-explored aspect of the condition.

The trailer of the documentary introduces subtle signs and symptoms unique to young-onset Parkinson’s. It features individuals like Allan, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 36. Their stories challenge societal misconceptions about when Parkinson’s can occur.

The emotional impact of the diagnosis becomes evident as these individuals cope with the initial shock. They also struggle to share their difficulties.

The documentary also features the inspiring story of Brian Grant, a former basketball player who faced Parkinson’s head-on. Brian’s journey is an impactful part of the documentary, serving as a powerful source of inspiration for viewers.

Beyond the physical symptoms, the trailer explores the emotional toll on personal relationships, family dynamics, and the challenges of dating with a chronic condition. It emphasizes the importance of openness and support networks in addressing mental health concerns associated with Parkinson’s.

Despite the hardships, the trailer celebrates moments of triumph and hope. It introduces individuals like Jimmy Choi and the Parkinson’s Diva, showcasing how they turned their diagnoses into opportunities for advocacy and positive change. The power of community and the support networks formed within the Parkinson’s community are highlighted, emphasizing the strength that comes from shared experiences.

These personal stories from ‘The Only Day We Have’ trailer offer a glimpse into the lives of those with young-onset Parkinson’s. They also inspire viewers to rethink their perceptions of the condition and the resilience of people with Parkinson’s.

The Background Story of the Documentary:

Introducing “The Only Day We Have,” A Documentary on Young-Onset Parkinson’s in Progress

The idea for “The Only Day We Have” emerged from a meeting between Allan Cole and Vanessa Reiser in the summer of 2019. Their collaboration on another documentary about Parkinson’s disease for Connecticut Public Television sparked Allan’s interest in the subject. This interest led them to consider creating a documentary exclusively focused on young-onset Parkinson’s.

Young-onset Parkinson’s often affects individuals under the age of 50, presenting unique challenges as they continue to work and raise families. Recognizing the growing prevalence of young-onset Parkinson’s, Allan and Vanessa embarked on this new film project.

With their shared passion for storytelling and raising awareness, they aimed to capture the essence of young-onset Parkinson’s through the eyes of those living with it. The result is “The Only Day We Have,” a documentary that brings to light the personal stories, struggles, resilience, and hope of individuals confronting this life-altering condition with courage.

From the trailer alone, “The Only Day We Have” appears more than a documentary; it provides an intimate look at the lives of individuals living with young-onset Parkinson’s. We encourage you to watch this impactful film, gain insight into the challenges faced by those with young-onset Parkinson’s disease, and join the advocacy efforts to make a difference in their lives.