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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own an Apple Watch to use Parky?

Yes. The motion sensor inside the Apple Watch is the base for tracking motor symptoms.

Is Parky available on Android?

The Parky app is only available for Apple iOS users.

Which Apple hardware and software platforms are compatible with Parky?

The Parky app is available on WatchOS 8+ and iOS 15+ devices.

WatchOS 8+ is on Apple Watch Series 3 devices and above

iOS 15.0+ is on iPhone 6s devices and above.

To ensure your devices are compatible, please download the Parky app from the App Store. 

Who can benefit from using Parky?

The intended use of the Parky App is to continuously and passively track motor fluctuations meaning resting tremor and dyskinesia, in adults (45 years of age or older) with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease.

How can I get a prescription?

Parky is a prescription only remote patient monitoring app. You can inform your Healthcare Provider about Parky by sharing this document. Your physician can create an online prescription through the Parky Provider Portal.

Do I need a separate prescription for Foggy?

No, you don’t. Your prescription for Parky grants access to all app features, including Haptic Cueing Generation with Foggy.

I have trouble logging in Parky, what should I do?

If you have trouble logging in Parky, please contact us through Support tab or via support@parkynow.com

Can I view my Parky reports whenever I want?

Yes, you can conveniently access your reports on the app at any time, with the added flexibility to select retrospective dates. Moreover, you have the option to download PDF versions of your reports.

Is my data safe?

Rest assured, your data, including personally identifiable information, is handled with the utmost care. We prioritize data privacy and security by storing it on HIPAA-compliant servers utilizing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256). Your information is never disclosed to any third party except for the prescribing Physician.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy

How much will I pay for Parky?

As part of an early access program, currently we are applying an introductory price with dynamic discounts based on your choice of payment.  

You will be only responsible for a payment equivalent to 1$ a day or less. Please download the app to access the details of pricing & payment options.

How does the app track my symptoms?

The Parky app utilizes FDA-cleared sensors in your Apple Watch to diligently track and record the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, such as tremor and dyskinesia. The data collected is processed employing a clinically validated algorithm developed by Apple, that ensures accuracy and reliability. This monitoring persists as long as you wear your Apple Watch, providing continuous and reliable insights into your Parkinson’s symptoms.

What information will my doctor receive?

Since Parky is a prescription only app, your prescribing doctor can view your reports and insights captured in the app. Parky provides reports on your tremor and dyskinesia symptoms (FDA cleared),  your steps and in case you prefer to set medication reminders and log your details it also provides medication adherence information.

The secure Parky Provider Portal allows your authorized healthcare provider to review and monitor your reports. This allows them to stay up to date on your condition and symptoms and make well-informed treatment decisions.

What information will I receive and how can I benefit?

Parky offers a comprehensive view of your health condition by providing reports on your tremor and dyskinesia symptoms (FDA cleared), along with insights into physical activity and your medication adherence. 

By using the app, you’ll benefit from improved disease management through self  symptom monitoring, enhanced medication adherence with personalized reminders, and a deeper understanding of how lifestyle factors impact your well-being. Moreover, Parky streamlines collaboration with your healthcare team, granting them direct access to crucial information. This ensures they are well-informed, fostering more effective decision-making tailored to your specific needs. Overall, Parky aims to empower you in taking an active role in your health, offering peace of mind and enabling a more personalized approach to your care.

How long will I have access to the app?

Access to the Parky app and motor symptom tracking is granted to you with your first activated prescription. If at any time your prescription ends or is canceled by you, you can still log in to the app and access your information and previous reports, but new reports will not be generated.

How long will I and my doctor access my information and reports?

At any time, you have the flexibility to access and export any reports generated by the Parky app. It’s worth mentioning that both you and your doctor can access all previous reports even after your Parky prescription has expired.  While waiting for a new prescription, the app will persistently monitor your motor symptoms as long as you continue to wear your Watch. It’s important to be aware that during this period, no new reports will be generated.

If you require assistance with exporting your reports, the Parky Team is ready to help!

My patient/family/friend is not familiar with mobile technologies. Can they use it?

Absolutely! Parky tracks the motor symptoms passively as long as the user wears the Apple Watch. We offer straightforward instructions for app download, along with helpful tips for setup and medication logging. The beauty of the Parky app is, it tracks seamlessly in the background.

As a caregiver can I also remotely track the data collected?

No. Privacy is paramount. The user’s data is shielded from all third parties except the prescribing Physician. While the patient has the option to share reports with you, rest assured that otherwise, their data remains confidential.

How can Parky support me as a caregiver?

Parky enhances your comprehension of your patient’s condition by delivering an objective assessment of motor symptoms. Beyond motor symptom monitoring, Parky extends support to streamline life for individuals with Parkinson’s. For instance, the app features medication reminders that prompt users on their Apple Watch to confirm medication intake, with recorded timestamps for reference.

Additionally, the app furnishes essential information for managing the condition through in-app stories. For freezing episodes, auditory cues are available, including metronome sounds and a curated Parky 4 Parkinson’s playlist featuring songs with tempos ranging between 40-50 bpm, accessible under the “Rhythm & Music” section. This approach aids caregivers in providing effective support.