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Parky 4 Parkinson’s Patient Buddy

Parky iPhone & Apple Watch App

Parky is a doctor prescribed digital health tool to improve the management of Parkinson's disease by tracking motor symptoms, improving medication adherence, and promoting physical activity. It is a tool for sharing meaningful and reliable data between patients and medical professionals regarding the course of the disease.

  • Continuous tracking of tremor and dyskinesia episodes
  • 7/24 symptom reporting
  • Medicine reminders and adherence monitoring

How it Works?

Parky is a prescription remote patient monitoring app. Once it is activated, all patients have to do is wear their Apple Watch. Parky continuously monitors the motor fluctuations such as tremors and dyskinesia. It includes a medication reminder module to notify the patients and collect their input on adherence. HCPs can view weekly and monthly symptom profile reports via Parky HCP Portal.

Parky leverages the Movement Disorder API, a tool developed by Apple. The API was validated in a study of 343 participants, including longitudinal tracking of 225 participants for up to six months, and used the clinical gold standard (MDS-UPDRS) as a reference. Details of the study were published in Science Translational Medicine.

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Medication Reminders
It is a full-time job for a PD patient to adhere to relatively complex treatment routines. Therefore, Parky will always remind you and record your medication compliance.

Cloud-based Seamless Use
Once Parky is set up, all you need to do is to wear your Apple Watch. Then, your Physician will automatically receive your symptom-tracking reports.

FDA-cleared Algorithm
Parky monitors tremor and dyskinesia episodes via a clinically validated MM4PD algorithm. The clinical study report was published in Science Translational Medicine.

So Much to Tell, So Little Time
Ever felt like you could not express yourself enough to your Physician or loved ones? Parky will translate your PD experiences into an objective data report. Ready before each Physician’s visit. You can confidently tell your story, save time, and make the most out of your visit.

You are the Expert On You
Your Parkinson’s journey is as unique as a fingerprint. You are the best expert on you. With Parky, you will have a self-monitoring tool to investigate your journey with Parkinson’s Disease further.

Let’s Build the Future Together
We aim to leverage the tech advancements for easy PD management and improve quality of life. So be part of the Parky and 4P community and share your experiences to shape the future of PD management together.

Let's Build the Future Together

With the advancements in wearable technologies and data science, we are on the verge of shifting the paradigm for Parkinson’s Disease management and communication.

As we explore ways to enhance this solution with the Parkinson’s Disease community, we invite all the members, patients, caregivers, and Physicians to become co-creators of Parky 4 Parkinsons.

Join our tribe, share your experiences, suggestions, ideas and let’s build the future together.