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Transform Parkinson’s care with Parky and Apple Watch

  • FDA Cleared Algorithm

  • 24/7 Self Monitoring

  • Available on iPhone & Apple Watch

Parky for Parkinson's app screenshot for iPhone and Apple Watch
Stay active, we keep you posted with daily activities.
You can easily self-monitor all of your activity records.
Weekly and monthly medication adherence
You can check your daily reports of motor symptoms with instant feedback.
You will never forget or miss any medication.

New Feature

Meet Foggy

We’ve integrated Foggy into Parky, an Apple Watch-based haptic cueing feature designed to support you during freezing episodes. Foggy provides haptic cues to make movement easier, empowering you to maintain mobility and continue with your daily life.

Not sure where to start?

Book a call with us

We can assist you in determining if Parky is the right fit for you and answer any questions you may have.


A smiling Parkinson's disease patient looking at an iPhone

Master your health,

master your life!

Managing Parkinson’s disease is a full-time commitment, and Parky is your dedicated support. Parky passively monitors motor symptoms like tremors and dyskinesia via Apple Watch. It empowers both people living with Parkinson’s and healthcare providers with valuable data for informed treatment plans and lifestyle decisions.

Your self-care partner for Parkinson’s Disease

  • Passive monitoring of motor symptoms: tremor and dyskinesia
  • Mobility tracking via Apple Watch
  • Medication reminders
  • Effortless Parkinson’s app experience
2 of Parky for Parkinson's app screenshots on iPhones, for tremor and dyskinesia reports page view and a medication reminder

“This app brought a sense of control and comfort into my daily routine. From tracking tremor and dyskinesia to providing insightful tips, it's a reliable ally on this journey. Grateful for this invaluable tool!"

DC72, Texas

"Having such digital tools at my fingertips makes it easier to track my symptoms and communicate it with my neurologist. I am hoping for a more tailored care with knowing more about my condition"

EC67, California

"In such a short period of time, I've learned more about my mom's condition and now have peace of mind to best support her."

ET43, Colorado

"Quite impressive to have such an objective assessment; Both myself and my physician are surprised to see that I have more dyskinesia than I thought."

DH63, New York


A movement disorders specialist holding an iPad during an in-clinic visit

Elevate care in movement disorders

Elevate Parkinson’s care with Parky – harnessing Apple Watch and an FDA-cleared algorithm for precise remote monitoring. Proven accuracy for informed decisions, and personalized treatment plans. A seamless, time-saving data source, offering the full picture without hurdles.

Join the Parky Community!

At our core, we believe in leveraging technology to make living with Parkinson’s easier, and we’re putting those who understand it best – people living with Parkinson’s – in the lead.

Join us, share your experiences, and let’s collectively shape how technology empowers those living with Parkinson’s.

2 people livign with Parkinson's cooking in a kitchen

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