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Parky 4 Parkinsons: Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Parky is an FDA-cleared prescription digital health tool to improve the management of Parkinson's disease by tracking patient motor symptoms, medication adherence, and physical activity.
Powered by a clinically validated algorithm, Parky uses the Apple Watch for continuous patient monitoring. In turn, it delivers Physicians personalized patient reports that provide deeper data to support optimal treatment decisions.

  • Continuous tracking of tremor and dyskinesia episodes
  • Medication adherence monitoring
  • Integrated data reports delivered weekly/monthly

How it Works?

Parky is a prescription remote patient monitoring app that provides physicians with deeper data for optimal treatment decisions. Once it is activated, all patients have to do is wear their Apple Watch. On the backend, Parky continuously monitors the motor fluctuations such as tremors and dyskinesia. In addition, it includes a medication reminder module to notify the patients and collect their input on adherence. Parky then integrates patient data to deliver weekly and monthly reports highlighting peak symptom times via Parky HCP Portal.

Parky monitors tremor and dyskinesia episodes via a clinically validated MM4PD algorithm. The clinical study report was published in Science Translational Medicine.


Remote Patient Monitoring

The ability to monitor your patient’s unique PD symptoms from the comfort of their home. Parky lets providers manage acute and chronic conditions through personalized data. The data is transferred wirelessly. No cable is needed.

Symptom Profile Reports

Your patients’ symptom profile reports are seamlessly automated in the background so that you can check your patient’s symptoms through the Parky HCP Portal anywhere, anytime.

Clinicallly Validated Algorithm

Parky monitors tremor and dyskinesia episodes via a clinically validated MM4PD algorithm. The clinical study report was published in Science Translational Medicine.

A Brand New Source of Data

Parky symptom profile reports introduce a new source of objective data summaries of symptoms and medication use. In addition, the overlaying of this data gives providers more robust insights to incorporate into disease management.

Your Time is Valuable

The Parky symptom profile reports are a single chart for rapid and efficient review. The reports focus on what matter most regarding specific motor symptoms so you have more time to understand the unmet needs of each patient.

Encourage Patients for Self-Monitoring

Self-tracking is an effective way to avoid worsening symptoms and progress of the disease and promote patients’ feelings of well-being and happiness. As their self-tracking abilities improve, it will be easier for them to make sense of and manage PD in their daily lives.

How to Prescribe?

Healthcare providers can prescribe Parky via Parky HCP Portal. Parky is available through our Early Access Program at a cost of $1 USD per day. Each prescription covers 90 days, and patients will be charged $90 upon activation. Following the prescription, all patients have to do is log in to Parky and wear their Apple Watch. The symptom profile reports, including steps, recording time, medication compliance, and correlation between motor fluctuations, are automatically generated and shared with providers via the Parky HCP Portal.

Sign-Up on Parky HCP Portal

First, create an account on the Parky HCP Portal, providing your name, NPI, and contact information.

Fill out the E-prescription Form

Fill out an e-prescription form for your patient.

Patient is all set!

 Once the prescription is validated and the patient is enrolled, you will be notified.

Start monitoring your patients!

 You can view patient symptom profile reports updated daily/ weekly/monthly via Parky HCP Portal.

You and your patients are all set! The Parky HCP Portal is a one-stop-shop for all patient symptom profile reports, including medication compliance and mobility. For more detailed information, you can download the Clinician Guide.

Parky as a Research Tool

Parky continuously monitors motor fluctuations such as tremors and dyskinesia and their correlation with medication use. The patients’ symptom profile reports are generated weekly and monthly for the provider’s use.


Parky can generate tailor-made reports based on minute-by-minute tremor and dyskinesia data, mobility, and medication correlation for research purposes. Contact us to integrate Parky as a research tool for clinical studies.